We connect doctors and patients

for a faster and more efficient
disease management

New resources for the health of people

Health division stems from the desire of Acotel to optimize and improve the quality doctor-patient relationship in the management of chronic and long-term diseases, goal to be achieved by providing a technologically advanced and avant-garde tool to support the daily management of patients.

The telemedicine service guarantees the possibility of a continuous monitoring of the patient, and assist the referral facility to build a shared and efficient therapeutic pathway leading to the improvement of the qualitative life of assisted people and a more rational use of resources:


Using the Acotel Health platform, healthcare professionals can refer their patients virtually, resulting in decrease in home visits


Doctors can easily document their encounters with patients and realize patient monitoring sheets in real-time with access to the levels of daily activity, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, etc.


For patients with chronic diseases, remote monitoring of parameters can lead to the reduction of outpatient visits and / or hospitalizations and, consequently, reduced costs


The Acotel Health service allows a simple and immediate access to health services, speeding up any medical diagnosis resulting in improved adherence to drug therapy and the patient's psycho-emotional state. A patient educated and conscious will also be a more peaceful and aware patient.

Support Beyond
Structure of a hospital

Our technology allows you to communicate
with doctors, without to approach them directly


With Acotel Health solution is possible to manage and monitor patients remotely. Doctors can make measurements and virtual clinical evaluations, control health care protocols and provide important health information. Thanks to digital medical records in electronic format, and the integration of the archives, it is possible to coordinate the servicing and create clinical documentation.

It can also be monitored, by sensors placed inside the house, the environmental context within which the patient lives. Among the benchmarks we have, the humidity, the temperature and air quality, as well as any movement of the person, by means of specific sensors.

Historicization of Clinical Data for Scientific Research

The recorded information history allows us to analyze clusters of patients with similar diseases and measure the development of the disease over time. By recording the data as basic elements from which to study and identify the best clinical health paths to take, even the pharmaceutical houses will benefit from dedicated industry analysis and experiment clinical trials for the purpose.