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New resources for the health of people

We want to extend access to monitoring of medical therapies supporting doctors and hospitals to a more immediate and high-quality patient care. We do this through the digitization of health data and care so that they are available anywhere, anytime, on the move, via smartphones and tablets. Acotel Health represents excellence in technological development for the creation of an integrated cloud and flexible system able to provide our customers with a comprehensive product and service platform. Through its web interface, the operator of the hospital makes the patient registration to which is assigned all the supporting equipment for telemonitoring.

The kit, ready for use in complete autonomy, includes:


Delivered on demand


Device owner

DEVICE acotel healtH

Supplied on request and provided with Internet connectivity

How does it work?

The solution makes automatically possible to detect any health or environmental parameter where the person is located. It is enough that these parameters are measured by devices that can communicate using one of the following protocols: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave. Some of the supported devices are:

  • Scales
  • Pressure gauges
  • Glucometers
  • Oximeters
  • ECG
  • Thermometers
  • Thoracic Bands
  • Fitness tracker
  • Motion Sensors
  • Humidity Sensors
  • Air quality sensors

Received values ​​from a measuring device, the application automatically provides the remote transmission of data in total safety to medical personnel of the management center. The versatility of the Acotel Health cloud platform enables remote maintenance, secure and confidential, the patient will have, wherever he will be, the service at its own disposal. Just customize the service by activating the features deemed of interest. Among these:

  • User and Profile Management
  • The procedures for access management (identification, authorization)
  • Management of the equipment entrusted to patients
  • Historicization data
  • Web-based tools to help monitor: panels, graphics, search tools, reporting
  • Management of communications between the center and patient (reports, chat)
  • Management of the call center tele-assistance
  • Multichannel alerting

Operators of the management center, nurses and medical staff have therefore available evolved and versatile web interface from which they can perform all the operations provided for remote monitoring and remote assistance service.

The patient, and any other users authorized by him, can access, by turn, to an extremely clear and simple interface, from which you can view the current and historical values ​​of the health parameters and access other features of the service.